Walking with God

God calls you apart, like Abraham.

God will test you, and ask you to sacrifice what he promised you, which in turn becomes the most valuable to you (Isaac).

God changes your identity from you to the real you (Jacob). You will have to fight like he did, for God to change his name and destiny.

You are freed from the captivity and abuse of Egypt (worldliness).

In the wilderness you have to refrain from hardening your heart towards God, from accusing leadership (envy/pride/gossip), from complaining and murmuring and from defying God’s commandments bc you will die in the wilderness (Exodus).

Recognize God has MIGHTY blessings for you, if you remember God and his commandments. (Deutoronomy)

You will have to develop reverance and forgiveness to NOT kill the envious Saul/s in your life (King David).

We learn to be truthful and not hide sins bc God can and will bring Nathan’s into your life just in case you try to get away with murder (King David).

He will close up your wombs (finances, education, childbearing, business, etc) and do a Hannah on you bc He wants all the glory and he wants you to dedicate what he gives you right back to him.

You experience amazing things like the disciples did, even if nobody believes what you have seen, nobody can take Jesus from you. (Apostles & Gospels)

You can even be walking on water with Jesus and for one moment you look at yourself or at your situation and there goes Peter drowning. #ButGod

And you can find yourself saying Jesus give me one more sign, like the disciple Thomas and God in his love and mercy will free you from all doubt.

When God shows you who you are, you will feel birth pains bc it has to manifest into the earth realm.

God will bring you Simon the Cyrenean to help you carry the Cross.

You have to know what is of God and what isnt because there are false prophets out here for sure.
You experience God’s love and fear is casted out of your life.
He will be your healer, your provider, your counselor.

Sometimes you may feel alone in your walk with God, or wonder why you went through this and that all alone when everyone else is going through it together, like I have.

But God had all the writers of the bible go through hell and high water FIRST so that we could be edified and comforted with their experience.

Word of advice: use your experience and bless somebody.
Maybe you have gone through something I am going through right now. Maybe you are undergoing a challenge which I through Christ have overcome.

God bless. Muahzz


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