Looking inward

I love meeting new people, but I am a bit more wise and selective now a days.
Not everyone around you has the capacity for you, and most definitely not everyone that says they love you truly care for you.

After a few shaky and depleting friendships, I have concluded that conversing with a 30 year old, is not the same as with a 10 year old. Some 30 year olds think like teenagers, and others think more maturely. I used to think life experience was what made a person but I now understand that we are our souls, not our experiences. See, experience influences our soul, but our response, reactions and decisions are based on our emotional and mental development or lack thereof.


We are souls with a spirit, yet we are bound in having a human experience.
The soul is made up of the heart, the mind and the will.
The heart is simply the emotions, our feelings.
The mind is our perception.
And the will is our reaction, and response to this human experience.

Some people have heart issues, others have mental strongholds and others have fleshly habits.


How can this be?

Example 1: Someone who has a heart full of doubt, is feeding from a stronghold of fear in the mind which influences the will, and informs the body accordingly. The body reacts and responds to life, according to the information (beliefs) in the mind. Most likely this person would be an unmotivated or discouraged person, battling with stagnantion or living with self imposed limitations
Example 2: A stronghold of inferiority in the mind builds a root of envy in the heart, this influences the will to be moody and arrogant. The body responds to this mind as a critic, a gossiper, a hater.

The will feeds from the heart, the heart from the mind and the mind from external circumstances.


For Example number 1, the stronghold of fear can stem from being lied to or being betrayed, failure of any kind, abuse, negligence, abandonment and many other things which cause fear. As the person grows older in life more instances like these will occur, and the stronghold will be empowered in the mind.

For Example 2, the stronghold of inferiority or inadequacy may start from childhood in school. A teacher can tell a student “you are not smart enough” or you are just like Robert, you should be like Roger (made up names). This child will see Roger and Robert and compare himself inadequately, because of her comments. These type of situations go into the stronghold of fear, and feed this person’s mind with criticism and comparison and develops habits of a gossip, an envious person or even a busy body.

I wanted to touch on those things because as I get older, I realize that age is truly overrated. It’s all about our soul!!

We are body soul and spirit. I cannot emphasize this enough.

We are a soul in a body. God breathed life into man’s nostrils and man became a living soul (Nephish hebrew). Our soul is eternal, when we leave this body we will still be alive. Our soul comes to earth in perfect form, but our body is faulty and corrupt. Remember I mentioned the external circumstances which feed our minds into action? Well these externals influence our emotional development from childbirth and reshape our soul as we grow older.

Some people emotionally under- develop (A.)
Others fully develop (B.)
And many unfortunately develop abnormally (C.)

As briefly as I can address this:
A. People who never recover from their past. (Bitterness)

B. Healthy mindset, healthy life. (Love)

C. People with unbelieveably detached mentalities. (Ignorant)


Our soul makes us individuals. Our soul makes us authentic.
If we don’t know who we truly are (our I AM) we will go thru life believing all that people say and have said that we are.

“Your authentic self is who you are when you have no fear of judgement, and who you are before the world starts pushing you around and telling you who you are supposed to be. Your fictional self is who you are when you have a social mask on, to please everyone else. Give yourself permission to be your authentic self.”
– Dr. Phil Mcgraw (Soul Fast, Cindy Trimm)

I love God because He took me on a journey of love; and His love has brought out the real me, which was buried under all of what was done to me and said to me. And most importantly God taught me to forget and release those things, and to look inward, into me. He showed me that I had accepted the wrong ideas about certain things in life and in myself. The Lord restored my soul. He helped me accept my own wrongs, he mended my broken heart, and because of God’s work in my soul I am able to take on my present and my future. I’m responsible for my life. I meet people daily who blame others for their life, and although I can understand their frustration I know that our life is in our hands, in collaboration with God. Today is up to you.

Our lives look the way they do, mainly because of our OWN DECISIONS.

If you don’t like where you are, its on you to make changes. Yes people have hurt you, maybe abused you, maybe they have neglected you and even abandoned you, but that’s what THEY did. Now you have to decide for yourself how you are going to deal with those pains and offenses.

You can ignore them, you can harden your heart and allow negative strongholds to grow and control your life or you can deal with them, and ask God to restore you.
Let’s seek God for our lives, we have nothing to lose. We need wisdom to make better decisions and we need forgiveness to live healthy vibrant lives.

Please remember and never forget :

You are a soul with a spirit, simply having a human experience.
Be good to your SELF.


Forget what they said, what are YOU saying about yourself?


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