Mind game!

1.) You are reading stuff in the living room while someone is knocking on your door. Through the cat’s eye you see a stranger. According to the way he dresses, this guy must be a technician. What kind of technician is that?
a. An electrician
b. A plumber
c. Air-conditioner technician
d. Television or stereo technician

2.) You are a superstar about to release a new album. What do you want for the album cover
a. Beautiful landscape
b. Cartoonish picture
c. Abstract picture, some artistic stuff
d. Picture of yourself

3.) Your boss told you to cut a piece of paper into half. How do you like to cut it?
a. Cut it in straight
b. Cut it in wavy line
c. Cut it in zigzag line
d. Cut it in one curve line

4.) If you have to commit suicide, which way you will prefer?
a. Shoot yourself
b. Overdose yourself
c. Hang yourself
d. Jump off the building

5.) Which part of the cake you are eager to eat?
a. The strawberry part
b. The uneatable decoration part
c. The sugary-decoration part
d. The Chocolate part
e. The decorating wafer part

Now, it’s time to check your answer:
1.) The question stands for the problem in your family that you try to ignore
If you choose
a. The warm atmosphere that everyone and talk to each other about anything
b. The understanding feeling within the family
c. The factor from outside that effects to your family
d. The fun in the family

2.) The question stands for what you see as the most charming attitude in yourself and would like to express it for everyone to see
If you choose

a. You see yourself as a gentle and well-mannered person
b. You love social life and always entertain people surrounding you
c. You are skillful, very talented and very creative
d. You have a high self-confidence and love to be leader

3.) The question stands for the method you will choose to end your relationship with someone
If you choose

a. You can end it right away. No regret
b. You cannot end it completely at the moment.
c. The way you end the relationship is harsh and aggressive
d. You will end your relationship gently

4.) The question stands for how you manage your money
If you choose

a. You are a so-called stingy but never have a proper savings
b. You are a businessman and know how to earn a money from anything you want
c. You strict with the way you spend the money and good at saving money
d. You don’t know how to spend money and always use it all once you have it in your hand

5.) The question stands for your attitude
If you choose

a. Your life is based on morality. You will not do anything against righteousness
b. You are fashionable and always fascinated people around you
c. You care other people’s feeling and love to be in the crowd
d. You are reasonable and a natural born leader. You love to be in control
e. You are sensitive, romantic and always dream of happy wedding

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