Devotional 5/17

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Some people grumble that roses have thorns,
I’m grateful that thorns have roses.
Alphonse Karr

Dear God, 

You are so much more than the universe, the energy and the light. You are the Father of Lights, you are the creator of ALL things seen and unseen in the universe, You are the Holy, True and Living Energy Source. I praise you, for all you’ve done, what you are doing and all you will do. I worship you because you are the eternal God, you are the Lord of lords, the Lord of heaven’s armies! You are the author of faith and of life. You are the great architect, you are the great coordinator of our lives. You are the ultimate fixer upper, the Sovereign One. 

I want to take today, to remind us all that praising you God, is an attitude of gratitude, of thanksgiving. I’ve observed Lord, that we do not express our gratitude to You enough. And for that, I stand in the gap to apologize. I am so grateful for you, for the the big and little things which you show me. The awesome interactive God that you are. The holy, consuming fire God that leads us into righteousness for your own name’s sake. I love you Lord, and for your sacrifice on the cross to wash away our guilt and shame. You chose us, and you show your love to us not because we are good enough or worthy but because you are more than Good. And your love makes us valuable, your faithfulness towards us demonstrates our true value. Thank you, for the time you have allotted me and the patience you have with me. Thank you for continuing to work with me, despite my rebellions, mistakes and deliberate sins. Thank you for your salvation, for the privilege to gather in church with other believers. Thank you for worship, minstrels and Godly music. Thank you for Christian TV, and YouTube. Thank you for social media and the opportunity to be a trumpet in these last days. 

Thank you for your wisdom, and ability given to make money and to be creative. Thank you for our imaginations. And for our abilities to read and write. Thank you for education, and for the institutions established to develop our world. thank you for the teachers, the psychologists, the doctors and dentist, thank you for architects and government workers. Thank you for government help, like programs and health insurance. Thank you for health. 

Thank you for health, agility and ability. For good eyesight, and clean water. Thank you for our ability to walk, to see, to listen, to smell and to speak. Thank you for giving us a new day, a new chance at life. Thank you that your mercies are new every morning.  

Thank you for relationships. Thank you for sharing and exchange of ideas, experiences and affection with the people in our lives. Thank you for the favors they do for us which we may not be able to pay back. Thank you for the lessons you have taught us through these individuals, for the good ones and the bad ones too. Thank you for our family and the family lessons we learned along the way, and the things we learned to release, for any maltreatment which shaped us into who we are today. I appreciate each individual in my life, because I know you brought them to me and they serve a purpose. Thank you for the newborns, as our generation grows, thank you for the marriages and the engagements, thank you for the open doors and the new experiences coming into our lives. Thank you for the ability, resources and fashions of travel, being able to experience outside of our custom. There is so much more you have in store for us Jesus, and I’m grateful for that. 

In Jesus name, I thank you for all these things. Amen. 

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