Devotional 6/8

The priests of Israel ignore my Law! Not only do they refuse to respect any of my sacred things, but they don’t even teach the difference between what is sacred and what is ordinary, or between what is clean and what is unclean. They treat my Sabbath like any other day, and so my own people no longer honor me. Ezekiel 22:26

Should we be careful about what we listen to and give attention to?

What is the difference between profane and holy?

  • Profane: relating or devoted to that which is not sacred or biblical; treat (something sacred) with irreverence or disrespect. (of a person or their behavior) not respectful of orthodox religious practice; irreverent; secularnonreligiousungodlygodlessunbelievingimpiousdisrespectful, obsceneblasphemousindecentfoulvulgarcrudefilthydirtysmuttycoarserudeoffensive.

The profane opposes and rebels against the things of God. I remember in 2014, I started working again after being consecrated for God for 3 years. I entered the workforce again, and I was completely shaken up when I had no other choice but to listen to world music during my long shifts. At first the music made me uncomfortable, because I had been in God’s holy presence, completely separated for a long time ; I was shocked to listen to my old favorite songs and find out what they really were saying in their lyrics. Slowly but surely I learned all the 2014 songs, given that I worked (most of us do anyhow) in a secular environment. I began to fall into the temptations the world offers us, desires for money, status, physical perfection, marriage, drugs, alcohol and sex. All this influence came to me by way of ear, through music. Ninety nine percent of secular music promotes fornication (sex out of marriage), homosexuality, immorality, curse words, lusting after money and material, and promoting vanity (beauty) is all profane. They contaminate whatever is holy.

Wordly music even if it is about love, does not bring glory to God. Even if the music is positive, it does not lead anybody to God. Secular music as innocent as it may be is opposite of the holiness of God and does not advance the kingdom of God. It is focused on the SELF! The battle between our flesh and spirit depends on which one you feed the most! Music artists today rebel against God, by the fruit they bear. What examples can you see without anybody telling you?

  • nakedness, envy, contention, sexual lust, material lust, racism, violence

Why do you listen to music?

For fun, entertainment, distraction, to dance, to focus, to re-energize, to be cool and fit in with your friends, to worship, to learn about new things, to appreciate art and talent… The bible says that music was created by God. And that Lucifer was the angel of music, before he was kicked out of heaven. But God’s will for music in our lives, is that we worship God, calm our nerves from demonic attack, praise God in dance, bring messages of warning to His people, to counterattack the enemy and to encourage each other.

What am I trying to say? Check yourself, before you wreck yourself. Im only kidding, but we must examine what we allow into our eyes and ears, because we may be givinbg room to darkness and influence of darkness.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, thank you for your grace and mercy. For your love and forgiveness. May you convict Christians, who profess to love Jesus according to your world. May we not condemn ourselves, but instead help- ourselves and each other to not lend our attention to demonic wordly things. You are holy, and we must reverence you at all times. You live inside of our temple, therefore if we listen to something contrary to your word, we are offending you, no doubt. May we become more separated for you daily. In Jesus name, Amen. 
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