Devotional 6/11

Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. Colossians 3:13

God transformed my heart and I must resist anything that comes my way again to hurt me or make me bitter.
I’m so grateful, all glory be to God in the highest. 6/2/2017


As sons and daughters of  God, we are the ones who God wants to protect and cater to. Forgiving others frees us from the consequences of living with an unforgiving heart. Yes, there are consequences to having a heart holding on to offense because it is poison in the body and mind. Even though we claim to have forgiven, we have to really examine our thought patterns and see if it’s true. Bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness wear us down; the thoughts show up in your mind, but they come from your heart. Just like all the other actions we make, a hardened heart comes from a place of unforgiveness. Have you ever noticed how you respond when you see the picture of someone who did you wrong? Or when you see someone going through or doing what offended you in the past? 

You may have said ‘I don’t care’, or ‘I don’t hold grudges’- but the truth is those little foxes mess up the harvest. This poison takes root and gives birth to anger, which leaks into our everyday life tainting our obedience with rebellion and our reverence with a disrespectful attitude. 

Forgiving releases us too! When confessing before God on the altar,  I conscientiously released each person and situation that came to mind. I cannot even begin to describe the number of people and things I had stored in my heart: big situations, small conversations, observances, and much more. I did this because I had Years asking God to transform me into the person He wants me to me, the loving Christlike woman of God which He sees. I received my miracle a couple weeks ago, and I know that now I can be healed and transformed. 

Maybe it takes a lot for you to forgive that you’ve been lied on,  molested, or maybe ur feelings were hurt by that that inconsiderate friend, or your heart been broken by that condescending friend, but it’s vital to make the right decision. And if you battle with soul issues, believe me, you will have to admit you need to forgive and release things one day or another. 

God only advises us for our own good. 

Bitterness, similar to stress is a major cause of disease. I’ve seen, read and heard testimonies of people being healed from cancer and being able to walk again after forgiving people in their lives, even by forgiving people that have passed away. But how does it work? Our love gets blocked by holding things in the heart, we close off love from coming in and flowing out. So we may have relationships but they can never be the best that they can be. The Bible says that married couples need to forgive eachother, or else their prayers will be hindered. What makes us the exception? 

The Bible says that God can’t forgive us if we don’t forgive others, so it’s pretty obvious that we would end up walking with hate in our hearts towards ourselves. Why do we make decisions not caring that they will affect us in the long run? 

Remember the devil only needs an entrance, to have access to our life. It’s hard to treat anybody right when your heart isn’t right! I know this! The devil knows this too! 

  • Forgive God if you think He forgot about you or because with Him because your life didnt turn out the way you want it to
  • Forgive your old boss for using you and never giving you a raise
  • Forgive your friend for lying on you or misunderstanding you 
  • Forgive your enemies for hating on you 
  • Forgive yourself for making wrong choices
  • Forgive that bus driver that didn’t stop to pick you up and made you late for work 

Unforgiveness is spiritual contamination, and it was hard for me to forgive too. But nothing is too hard for God. Imagine God withheld His forgiveness towards you, you’d be a lost case right. 

A few things have happened to me along the way, where the Lord has had to tell me ‘dont harden your heart’, or ‘guard your heart’, and I understand so clearly now. 

 Let’s pray: 

Father God, we thank you for your forgiveness towards us. Unconditionally you offer your love and mercy, even if you do not approve of our wrongs, you continue to love us. Thank you lord. We need your help to let go and release people from our hearts, even small comments which have offended us from the past at any time. We release people, situations, misunderstandings, calamity and ourselves from all wrongs done to us in any  manner, shape or form. I pray for those people who have a long holding on to things and situations, unknowingly, but very much affected as I was. I pray you forgive us from hurting others subconsciously, and for wisdom to maintain a clean heart. I pray you heal us from our own wounds, may those wounds never be opened again. May you give us the wisdom to keep them closed!  I pray you help us heal our relationships with others. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 



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