Devotional 6/28

And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off your shoulder, and his yoke from off your neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing. Isaiah 10:27

God’s design is for His anointing to come upon those He finds trustworthy, to empower them to do great things for Him.
Rodney Burton

In Isaiah 10:20-27 (the context of scripture), we learn about a day that God promises His people. He says the Assyrians oppressed you, and you learned to depend on them but you will learn to depend on the Lord. How? By God’s anointing. Much of what we go through in Christ, is learning to let go of our worldly customs and deny our carnal nature for a spiritual nature. But the main concept of this scripture is that the people of God need the anointing.

What is the anointing? Chrisma (greek): anointing, the teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit.

  • The presence of God’s glory
  • The manifestation of God’s power
  • God inwardly convincing the believer of His desire and preference

What will the anointing do? The anointing functions through faith. And in a willing and humble believer guides and works in the believer to do God’s will. 

  • Will take away the burden from off your shoulder
  • Will remove his yoke from off your neck
  • Will destroy the yoke

The anointing is what enables us to labor, without having to apply any special effort. The anointing is what overcomes every difficulty that would beset us, that we in our own strength and with our own abilities would normally not be able to cope with.
Sunday Adelaja

If you receive from God’s spirit you may be receiving for different reasons. One of those reasons is that God wants us to be delivered from the enslavement of our past, our habits, demonic influence, worldliness and carnality! The more God’s presence grows in your life, the more free you are. These are a few reasons I can think of (there may be more), as to why we receive anointing:

  • deliverance: healing or demonic oppression/possession
  • revelation of inspired word for the reason
  • receive conviction of a calling or sin
  • power to overcome temptation
  • instruction for new mission
  • baptism of holy spirit and fire (tongues)
  • receiving of gifts and graces of administration

Only God anoints, and He does so with purpose on purpose. Not everyone that receives or speaks in tongues is receiving from God- sometimes they receive in their emotions. Just like people faint over celebrities, and sports games. Anyhow this is all from my own observation and experiences with God, I can be missing other things the anointing of God does! But one thing we all have in common as Christians is that we are all called to further God’s kingdom to EVANGELIZE! SPREAD THE GOSPEL AND MAKE DISCIPLES. Amen. God bless you.

Let’s pray:

Thank you lord Jesus, for your companionship forgive us if and when we take you for granted. Thank you for your holy spirit and for baptism, thank you for the gifts, and the grace, but above all thank you for your companionship. You are real, and you are our God, our best friend. Thank you for being our deliverer, may you heal the brokenhearted, the ones that are fighting exhausting battles and those battling demons! Help us to seek your presence, and to honor your presence. Forgive us lord, and thank you that you have given us a new heart to know, to love and seek you. In Jesus name, Amen.

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