Devotional 8/26

Therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; this is your spiritual worship. Romans 12:1

Let us, then, from our hands, and feet, and mouth, and all our other members,
yield a first-fruit offering unto God.
Saint Chrysostom

Abraham was called out of His country, He was familiar with God’s voice and presence, He received visions and promises from the Lord. But He did not have an agreement with God yet.  God makes promises, and is faithful to fulfill them but we must be in covenant, in agreement with His commands. I believe God is calling the body of Christ into covenant. Full surrender precedes covenant with God. God is a God of increase,
are you willing to give more?

God commanded Abraham to be faithful and blameless; He told Him of His “to do” part in the relationship. And then He went on to state what He (God) would do. God desires for us to walk before Him, constantly acknowledging His presence. When we are around people, managers, police or our friends- how do we act? We act accordingly, we interact; we acknowledge their presence. God also calls us to live a blameless life, a righteous, scripture abiding life of integrity in front of people and in private.


  • innocent of wrongdoing.

The next command God gives Abraham, is to circumcise Himself and all His men (family and servants). How does this relate to us? God expects and demands for us to offer our carnal nature and body, to Him and in return He elevates us to walk in accordance to His will, only accessible by His spirit. 


God wants us to sanctify Him in our hearts, acknowledging that our temple belongs Him. The flesh is in total opposition of God, and open to rebellion along with “an occasion fall.” The body has its own mind, and this is why it is a challenge to subject to the mind of the spirit. As I’ve said in almost all of my blogs, is that the flesh (carnal mind, body, natural affections) are directly connected to the senses: sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. It does not understand spiritual things, and disregards it as well. But a life of worship is the form of a self-dedication to God. Ever dedicated a song to someone? Dedicate a few to God, this is worship. If you dedicate your life, to God this is a life of worship. Dedicate your body to God, this is a life of surrendering rights to decision making with things that have to with your flesh. Energies, emotions, thoughts, desires, affections, employment, career, educational studies, traveling trips, residence, congregational decisions, positions, opportunities, partners, friendships, etc must all go through God’s filter: the scriptures. God wants us to be blameless. The bride is the church, and Jesus is the bridegroom; but He is coming for a church with no spot or wrinkle. This is the type of sacrifice the old testaments speaks about, and this is the purity God looks for in our lives.


I believe the Lord continues to prepare me to be His sanctuary. Separating me more each day, to serve Him with all gladness and joy. I declare the fruit of the spirit is manifesting in me, I walk by faith not by sight or emotions. I exercise self control at all times, I am sober and sexually pure, in body and in thought. I declare my life is led in love: I love God and I love people!

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, I thank you for your spirit which transforms us daily. I thank you that you have chosen our bodies as your temple on this earth. I ask that you would see all the believers on earth, and give them the desires to repent, to accept your leading and to reverence you in their lives. I ask you to touch the weak and dark places in all of us, which need your light Lord. In the all powerful name of Jesus, Amen. 

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