Devotional 11/10

We believe that Jesus died, but we also believe that he rose again. So we believe that God will raise to life through Jesus any who have died and bring them together with him when he comes. 1 Thessalonians 4:14

​She’s in heaven tho. She overcame. 

God allows us to meet on purpose. He allows us to see others battling to move ahead, to overcome and even to stay alive here in this world, and He reminded me that He allows this on purpose. I can say that knowing my sister’s struggle through rejection from a very young age, served a higher purpose in my life because she was able to comfort me and empower me, in a way that only someone who had gone through my same struggles could. Seeing her overcome bitterness, and anger throughout the years helped me to keep moving ahead in Christ, despite of the anger and frustrations I felt in my own life. And seeing her attitude of trust and worship, through the last months of her life has been strengthening to many of us who claim to have placed our faith in Christ. God wants us to know that death is not the end. We won’t ever completely understand God but God is still good. God is fair: He is just and He is sovereign.

Something I have learned during this process is that God is in control. My sis was given many terminal diagnoses, but she was still walking, praising God with all the strength she had and she continued raising her child. At one point she passed away for 10 minutes, and doctors said she would not wake up. But she did, then they said she may have suffered brain damage because of the length of time she was dead, but again they were wrong she was fine. I have learned through this, to love those around me more and more than ever, because we don’t know the plan that God has for us and when it will be completed. 

We can fulfill his purpose for us tomorrow and then He will call us to his presence. We are here to fulfill God’s mission, and my sister has completed her mission on this earth. Her son has a mighty testimony of his mother. As do we, all who had the privilege to know Angie for who she was, not who people who misunderstood claimed she was. God is not done with us, her son, her mother and those of us who loved her.

Now we know that she is no longer suffering. She is no longer going to experience sadness, loneliness, pain or depression. She is no longer going to praying for God to give her strength, she wont have to pray for God’s presence because she is in His presence. How awesome is that.

You completed the race sis; I’m glad you didn’t lose your crown.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, you are sovereign and you are still good. You know all things, our beginning and our end. I thank you for allowing us to spend time with those who have parted. It has been a blessing, and it is beautiful to know that you have gone before us to make homes for us in your presence forever. I pray for strength  for all those in pain, and i pray you guard every ones heart. May you comfort us as we unite to worship you, and remember the good times. Console those grieving, and strengthen those who have questions. Encourage and give those who’s faith is wavering an increase of faith. In Jesus name, Amen.

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