Devotional 2/18

No one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. Mark 3:27

Satan does not enter your heart unless you invite him.
Dr. Mustafa Mahmond

Satan uses YOU, to destroy your own life. We can all see that the world around us is in serious trouble; there is so much tragedy, abuse, heartache and confusion: we cannot deny that the times ARE evil. The world is under the leadership of Satan, and we did this when we (Adam & Eve) accepted to give Satan a chance.


Satan attacks us through many mediums:


  • whatever can come in through our senses (music, TV, Images, etc)
  • our own desires (based on our sense of satisfaction: needs and wants)
  • paradigms/strongholds (perception, upbringing and childhood experiences)
  • persecution for being Christ followers
  • physically afflicts us or loved ones with sickness, crime or sudden tragedy

God’s power is sovereign over Satan’s: he is on a leash, so he can not do more than God allows. BUT we also need to do our part, like Job did, not like Peter. 

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Satan uses the world to stir up OUR fleshly lusts, the bible says that we are tempted because of our own desires- not something that God does or causes. So I would like to remind us all, that God allows the enemy to attack us but temptations are not in God’s agreement. God provides the escape from these attacks. It was like when Jesus told Peter that Satan wanted to ‘sift him like wheat’. Sifting wheat is a very violent action used to separate the grain from the branch and root parts of the w


heat. So in that same way God uses the fire to test our faith, He wants to get us to a place of genuine faith not fake faith. Peter was tempted TO DENY JESUS. Peter fell because of his fear of people or fear of death, and this is the device which God used against him. We are constantly tempted to deny Jesus with our actions; you may not have that weakness so the devil may not tempt you in the same way. But let’s say  after waiting 20 years, you FINALLY have a loving family- three kids and a spouse- but you face this is your life- will you deny Christ?


Other people deny Christ by their lifestyles. We know God is holy, and humans tend to choose lives that are unholy. Living in sins: sexual immorality, vices, idolatry, extortion, stealing, etc. Other people have issues with money, like Judas, and can also be tempted by Satan to deny their faith. God also allowed Satan to attack Job’s life: sickness, death, financial loss and even false accusations. Job’s temptation was to curse God and die: as we know being the advice his wife gave him. But Job did not, he cursed the day he was born but he did not curse God: he questioned God, but he did not curse God.




Let’s pray:


Father God, holy God, perfect God, Most High God you’re awesome. I praise you, I honor you for your wisdom. I thank you for creating so much variety in this world, so many different attitudes and offering us so many options to be able to change our lives. I ask you to show each of us individually what


 is the best option for us, may we see strategies which fit us for each hurdle we need to overcome. May you show us weights that hold us back, and may you increase the desire in us to actually change. May we be discerning in what is for us, and what is not. May we see what is honorable to you, and what is not. I pray for guidance for those who need to make decisions, and those who have different opportunities to choose from. In Jesus name, Amen.

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