Devotional 7/21

Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit. Psalm 147:5

You’re future isn’t written it’s designed

Thank you Lord God for being the Lord almighty, the lord of hosts, the Most High God, the Great I am, the balm of Gilead. I praise you for who you are and for your wonderful works. You are the everlasting father who deals with us so wonderfully. May your name be exalted over all the earth. I’m grateful to know you, and for your word; you are our refuge and strength.

I lift up praises to youMy God and savior. Only you know the end from the beginning, and only you sit on the throne lifted high. You are all knowing and majestic and nothing occurs without your sovereignty and providence being involved. I thank you for the privilege of serving the Lord of Lorda and creator of the heavens and stars, the author of all creation.

May our paths be cleared of any stumbling blocks and may we not be such for others. You said that you would come closer to those who draw closer to you, and I pray you draw us closer to you. And may we bring others closer to you, by our character, words and actions.

May our spiritual senses be activated to know your ways and walk in your providence.

I pray for those who desire to walk according to your precepts, may we be filled with grace to be obedient in love. I pray for shifts in our lives, including for those who are on the verge of receiving you into their hearts and those who are tempted to walk away from the faith and servanthood. I pray you heal the hearts of both, bring deliverance from the influence of the powers of darkness.

I also pray for those in relationships. May you fill us with grace to love, understand, compromise and respect one another. May you continue transforming our hearts and minds according to your will. May our relationships bring others to your feet as we glorify you. And those who wait on you do so with faith, and hope understanding you have a good plan for their lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

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