Devotional 7/29

Making up with a friend you have offended is harder than breaking through a city wall. And strife are like the bars of a castle. Proverbs 18:19

Offense releases the offense into the hands of God.
Lisa Terkeurst

Lord God Almighty, host of the heavenly armies, today I present to you the church overall and those battling with assignments sent to separate them from you. As a representative in the Body of Christ, I stand in the gap for my brothers and sisters who are being offended by people who call themselves Christians. 

I bind up the spirits of religion, which give many a sense of pride and false authority within the church organizations. I bind up hypocrisy, and ask you to change the hearts of those with arrogance in their hearts and we plead the blood of Jesus over ourselves. May our individual relationships with you be protected, and rekindled. And I rebuke those demons on assignment to stop the flow and work of God in our lives, in the name of Jesus. We refuse to allow the enemy to steal our focus, our peace and integrity in Jesus name. See the source image

I pray according to your word Jesus, that you may continue the work which you began in us. Restore the flow of your anointing in us, and change our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. I pray you would bring those who are walking in the flesh to complete repentance, and cause them to recognize their faults. 

I also pray for us to choose to let go of any offenses in us, and those people who have been offended as well. Forgive us Lord, I plead the blood of Jesus over that soul’s heart: may they let go of the emotional pains so that you can begin to heal the wounds. Thank you God, for the restoration you are doing even now, in our spirit, souls and bodies.

In the matchless and all powerful name of Jesus, Amen.





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