Devotional 12/17

I have fought the good battle, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7

If God loves me, why am I still single?

It’s possible that the enemy has been taunting you saying that God is withholding marriage from you, or that you’re getting old and your time is running out. And maybe, you’ve experienced loneliness, or discouragement and have gone comfort seeking, accepting anything as something.

Most of the single Christians I know have stopped believing that God has an ordained partner for them. And many of us have taken matters into our own hands, at one point or another: coming to the realization that it would have been better to fight the good fight of faith. Life happens to all of us, and it is our own responsibility to build up our faith and stand.

It is extremely important to assess what we believe about God. Do you believe God loves you? Is He a father to you? Does He care that you desire companionship? God loves you so much, that He wants you to be in a good, happy and glorifying marriage. His timing for you is perfect, and until the appointed time comes: He and you should be working together on YOU! He may want you to deal with personal issues, or family issues: take on ministerial responsibilities: get your finances in order, or just be guided by His Spirit for some time. The Lord wants us to be consciously ready for marriage because He wants the glory! He is most glorified when we are dead to our own desires and egos. God, our husband calls us to die to our ego and desires, we are to crucify our pride, and self involved mentality. Have you fully surrendered to God? How then can you be so confident in saying, that you are ready for marriage?

There is someone out there for you, I challenge you to hold on to your faith. God is a good Father, and wants to prepare us beforehand. He wants to prepare us individually to glorify His name, in marriage.

Let’s pray:

Most High God, Jehovah, you are great and awesome Lord. You are the perfect matchmaker, but we, individually, are also masterpieces in the making, in your hands. I pray for each of us as individuals, may you make us marriage worthy. Marriage is more than a simple I do, lots of sex, have kids, and a happily ever after, so prepare us for success Lord. May the females be respectful helpers to our husbands, and may the males be unconditionally loving towards their wives like Christ loves the church and have His life for her. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.


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