Devotional 1/21

Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Recognize that you must ask for grace and allow grace to work as well.

Dear father in heaven, thank you for being our Father and for always being with us. We thank you for being faithful, we believe you at your word. And we declare that you are not man that you should lie. Thank you for leading us and holding our hands.

Today I ask you for a spirit of understanding so that we may see your mighty and powerful hand guiding and working in our lives. Help us believe in those areas where we may fall short. Help us in those areas where we are weak and where we may still be bound or broken. I ask you for discernment, wisdom, strategy and guidance. I pray for my brothers and sisters, who feel they are stuck or too far gone. I pray you reveal to your people the truth of your word, and the freedom they should walk in.

I ask you Jesus for conviction in our sense of protection from you, and the presence of your Spirit and ministering angels working on our behalf. My God, I pray for a fresh revelation of your grace, to know that we have been saved by grace, restored by grace, forgiven by grace, but also made alive by grace. I also ask you to use our weakness to make us strong by your grace, and may we recognize that we must ask for grace and allow grace to work as well.  If any of your children have not yet understood the measure of the fullness of your grace, I pray you do this today, in this season Lord.

I ask you Lord Jesus for a fresh perspective, so that we may live the life you have given us to the best of our ability and in the best manifestation of ourselves. I ask you to restore the joy of salvation in our lives, renew the passion and patience we once had if it has become lukewarm, and make us content in every aspect of our lives. Father God, there are some people who are suffering, and for whatever reason which they suffer I ask that you comfort them and bring them into a place of contentment so that depression may not grip or loom over them.

You are enough Jesus, and in case we question this truth in our dark times, I ask you to fill us with your Spirit and convict us. I also ask you my God, to open the eyes of the blind and the spiritually blind as well, that they may become grateful for their suffering, trials and testing. May you allow each person to see their process, as a road to maturity. I pray for perseverance to those who are becoming weak in faith, who have lost their zeal for prayer and church attendance, and even for those who are tempted to give up and walk away. Only you know who these prayers are for God, and I pray you draw them to this blog Lord.

Thank you Lord, for this new season and for this new opportunity to know you better. In the name of Jesus I ask all these things. Amen!

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