Devotional 5/7

Not getting what you want can break your heart, but a desire that comes true is a life-giving tree. Proverbs 13:12

Surrendering will not make our problems go away. The financial pain. The health struggle. The relationship heartache. But it will give us vision, perspective, a new way to see our circumstances.

Christine Caine

The bible says that unmet expectations make the heart sick, and psychologists agree. But why? Disappointment stays in our being as reserved energy, and eventually when mismanaged or laying dormant: can destroy us. The side effects of disappointment are most underestimated. Similar to detecting a lie, when we experience anger, rage, hatred, enthusiasm, sexual cravings and sexual pleasure: disappointment produces energy which can be measured.

Disappointment: sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.

Emotion is energy in motion: it is event-driven. And feelings, on the other hand are learned behaviors. For instance, the Lord says we are to be joyful (emotion), while we desire to be happy (feeling). Emotions are the carrier waves of feelings. Disappointment is an emotion, associated with many feelings. It brings sadness, regret, grief, sorrow, discouragement, anger, agony, disillusionment, cynicism, hopelessness, despair (suicidal tendencies), and so many other feelings. We’ve all experienced disappointment in one way or another: somebody lets us down, friends left, happily ever after turned sour, a promising job became a lay off, and we’ve even disappointed ourselves by betraying our own standards. Take note: disappointment is not a one time event, it can happen many times through life. We may move on in respects of time or activity but it doesn’t mean we’ve managed or dealt with it. If we don’t acknowledge and work through disappointment, our lives can become contaminated or stop altogether.

But like I said yesterday, God cares about our hearts. The Lord wants to help us in our suffering. The Lord wants us to go back to our place of disappointments… and let Him renew your perspective of the situation. If you have let yourself down, if your hopes and dreams have been shattered, or life hasn’t played out as you expected- God is using those disappointments to redesign your path and get you to your destiny!

Let’s pray:

Lord God Almighty, redeemer of our souls. Thank you lord for renewed hope. Thank you for restoring our hearts. I pray for strength and healing for those who have been disappointment again and again, and even those who find it hard to forgive others or themselves. May they not stay stuck in this place, may they find your hand of grace in this place. May they be comforted and restored by your love in this place. In the name of the incomparable Jesus, I do pray. Amen.  

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