Prayer to go deeper

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you-they are full of the Spirit and life. John 6:63

The deep things of God require us to get in to the water. If we don’t step out in faith, we will not see the miracles the Lord has prepared for us.

Father God we thank you for your grace and mercy, for your ever living word and the manifestation of your spirit and love. Today I pray for each of us to attend to your word, and dive deeper into the waters of your Spirit. May we be soaked with new and fresh revelation for our lives. May our relationship with you be rekindled, and strengthened.

I pray that we would observe and obey your word so that as you promise in your word, things may go well with us and the future of our children. May we do what is right in the sight of you Lord. I also pray that you help us to follow your Spirit, and not man. May we wholeheartedly follow your leading, and not the plans of man. May you give us strength and desire to seek you as we would hidden treasures.

 May we go deeper and move past the shallow waters, where it’s crowded. I pray for courage and boldness, as we remember and go after our calling. We trust that You have our back. We welcome a fresh outpour and revival in ourselves, our homes, cities and churches. We believe you have more for us, so we also ask that you give us the strength and courage to go further than ever before. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

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