Jesus let only Peter, James, and John the brother of James go with him. Mark 5:37

Partnership is when two parties come together to accomplish something that neither of them could accomplish alone. When Jesus makes a divine connection, now there’s an anointing that did not exist until they came together. It’s more powerful.

The Lord is big on partnership and agreement. When we walk with God we should agree with His choices and desires. He asks the prophet Amos, can two walk together except they agree?

There’s a story in Mark 5, where Jesus had to kick some people out of sight. There was a girl who had passed away, but most of the people in the room ridiculed the power of God and Jesus was not having it. The scriptures say that when we agree in prayer, then God the father does a thing (Matt. 18:19). It was not that they should not see the miracle, but those people were not in agreement with Him. The scriptures say they were confused, even ridiculed Him! Jesus told the people to leave the house and only invited the child’s parents and 3 of His followers into the room where the child was. They were all amazed when the Lord told the girl, Talitha Cumi: Damsel Rise Up!

One of the definitions of agreement is harmony, unity or like-mindedness. And partnership is a relationship between two or more individuals or collaboration towards a common goal. Will you agree with your brothers and sisters in Christ to see the mighty power of God released and manifested in our lives!?

Let’s pray:

Father God you are the everlasting and all knowing God. You are awesome and we give you all the praise and glory. I ask you today to shift our mindsets if necessary so that we may agree and partner with you in all you desire to do in our lives. I ask you to help us in our unbelief, reignite our hope and expectations and open our hearts to partner and agree with others. Thank you for doing amazing things in our lives! In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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