Prayer for the world

But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish. Psalm 9:18

This too shall pass.

Abraham Lincoln

Thank you Father God for today for giving us a new day of life and health. I’m grateful that we have a sound minds and that our bodies are able, despite of aches, pains or sickness. Thank you for giving us peace through these testing times. Thank you for all the little things we have taken for granted.

My prayer today is for the world. I pray that you give the world a sense of peace. May they encounter you and acknowledge that you are present and in control. May we acknowledge you during this season, and guard our hearts from going into panic, apathy or disbelief.

We know that we were born into a sinful and corrupt world. We also acknowledge that your word is true and there are things that must happen in order to set things ga in place for your return Jesus. I ask you to reveal yourself to those who may not yet know you, and give them rest in knowing that you will work all things for GOOD!

I pray that each person can receive conviction and revelation that you are good and faithful. May we be like the Shunammite woman whose promised son was dead but said “It is well” when speaking of him. May we look at the chaos around us and say IT IS WELL. May we look at the pain and those affected by the virus and give them hope for a better tomorrow. May we see our nation and the world come back to life and prosperity Lord.

I pray for those who are experiencing high levels of stress from the panic injected to us through the media and social networks. I pray that the 5% of people who have passed away be a testament to your will, and no credit is given to the enemy, the government or the corona virus itself. You are God, you give and you take away; you give life and only you say when it’s our time to leave this earth.

I ask you to strengthen and encourage those who have lost motivation during this quarantine, fill them with your invigorating and life giving spirit. I ask you to hover over us during the chaos and the darkness, just like in the beginning when your spirit hovered over the waters when the world was dark, out of order and void.

I pray for protection over our homes and families. I ask you to have mercy on our souls, on the elderly, the children and those who may be essential workers in healthcare system.

I ask you for all of this in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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