Prayer for the Mental Health of the Nations

Father God, I’m grateful for today and for the wellbeing of the people in my life. Thank you for giving us another day. Thank you that your goodness and mercy follow us every day of our lives.

Today I pray for the mental health of the world. 

During this time I know that powers and principalities of fear, worry, hate, anger and addiction are on the loose. We know that your word says that the enemy is like a roaring lion, and that he roams the earth seeking who to devour. I know that he operates in the air, as he is the prince of the powers of the air. I know that he has a kingdom, and his demons are ranked by power and effectiveness as we are designed in the kingdom of light. I pray for your sons and daughters to rise up and stand in the gap for those who cannot fight for themselves.

I pray for conviction and revelation that you are the head of all principalities and powers. Your name is above all names, and your blood protects us against demonic attacks and their fiery darts. I pray for the nations to yield their hearts to you Jesus. I pray that you fill our minds with your thoughts and logic. I pray for protection over our thought life, may we not be influenced by all that goes on around us. And not be moved by our emotions which are changeable. I pray that faith, hope and love for you would increase in the lives of your creation.

I thank you for listening to my prayers. In Jesus name, Amen.

The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and His ears are inclined to their cry.
Psalm 34:15

1 Peter 3:12 | Bible apps, Bible, Prayers

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