Sense of Belonging

The Lord tells us that we are not of this world: we came from Him and will be returning to Him. The truth is that we are only here for a short time. The bible says that our times are set by God and the most robust man would live on average 70 to 80 years. 

Many people run from God because they have encountered awkward situations with Christ followers. Many whom are fanatics of dogma and ritual, who impose their personal convictions and opinions on them. But God is not into behavior modification or law keeping: He is interested in having a true and genuine relationship with us. The Lord desires to guide and love us into purpose and self realization. He wants to be our personal life coach: helping us become the best version of ourselves. In other words, the Lord is interested in making us more like Him: loving and righteous.

As a child of God, we enter relationship with God, we become children of God when we invite Christ into our hearts. We become part of God’s family. This is the place where we belong. When we belong, we are authentic, flaws and all. A sense of belonging means that we are treasured or valued in being where we are supposed to be. In the Lord we get to be ourselves, we are accepted as we are. He is not interested in changing our personality, but refining our character.

The Lord orchestrates our steps and brings people into our lives for that very purpose: to shape and mold us. As we get to know God we find that we are deeply loved by Him, even when things seem challenging, He is piecing every piece of the puzzle together for us.

I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me. Songs of Solomon 7:10

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