Who says, This Has To Be A Bad Thing?

Things will never be the same but who said that it has to be a bad thing? This could be the beginning of something amazing for us and our loved ones.

The past few weeks have shown us the different things people are experiencing: an array of emotions, sporadic thoughts, awakened desires, struggles with temptations to give in or revert to negative cycles. But with the changes, the restrictions and the uncertainties at hand, we can choose positivity.

We all know God tells us, to:

  • guard our hearts
  • place our hope in Him
  • trust Him
  • praise Him despite of what we may see

The only way to do so is to renew our minds daily. Nobody ever built a building out of happenstance: they were intentional about it. We have to be intentional about developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude. We can be sure to see results when we make a conscious and committed decision to be intentional.

Positivity doesn’t mean to live in a false bubble of illusion, instead we learn to radically accept reality. It doesn’t mean block your emotions, but to experience them and build resilience. It does not mean that when we are positive, circumstances will change; but our sense of efficiency grows where we believe we can handle whatever life throws our way.  

Renewing your mind takes practice. So be intentional about placing your hope in God and trusting you can get through anything.

for we live by faith, and not a life based on sight.
2 Corinthians 5:9

Jesse Milani - 5/27 - PktFuel.com


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