Do you meditate?
When most people think ‘meditation‘, they think it’s becoming one with the universe, aligning with the stars or other spiritual beings or repeating mantras or incantations but it’s simpler than this. There are two types of meditations, eastern meditation and biblical meditation.
Eastern meditation teaches people to be conscious of their senses and breathing; ultimately with the purpose of feeling calm and attaining peace. This type of meditation, cause our brain receptors to release dopamine, which is known as the feel good hormone. These make us addicted to the ‘feelings’ aroused by meditation and cause us to visualize, inevitably opening us up to different spirits (be careful).
The Lord told Joshua to, keep the word of God on his lips and to meditate on them day and night (Joshua 1:8). The type of meditation the Lord speaks of, is to focus our minds on Him; to think, acknowledge, wonder and delight in Him and His word. In this Christian journey, we are often reminded to ‘be still‘, to ‘enjoy being in the presence of God‘ or to ‘follow the leading of the spirit‘. It’s almost impossible to do these without meditation. In order to obey or be aligned with God, we must think about him and His word as often as possible.
  • Meditation is to relax and shut the world out to focus on God and the scriptures.
  • Meditation is to take time to sit in silence, think on the scriptures and monitor the thoughts, sensations and emotions that come up as you do.
  • Meditation helps us apply the word of God to our lives because we face the things in our hearts and minds.
  • Meditation is more listening and observing, than talking.

When we pray, we speak to God but when we meditate, we give God space to speak to us.

May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the LORD.
Psalm 104:34

Thank you Father God for giving us you truth and helping us to go from glory to glory with every encounter. I pray that as your children we behold your glory and listen to you as you reveal any fears, weaknesses, stumbling blocks or sins in our hearts and minds. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Words of My Mouth — Christin Slade


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