Behavior versus Approval

If you’ve been struggling with fear, shame, anger and inability to receive love- I want you to consider that maybe you have condemned yourself. Could  there be self condemnation in your heart?
We know that God hates and punishes sin, but He does not judge as we do. Many people have become judge over their own lives, ultimately concluding what pleases God and promising not to ever displease Him. We are frail human beings, our hearts and our flesh will fail, but God does not judge us the way we think.
Self-condemnation breeds in the heart of the self-reliant person, like Peter after he denied Jesus. We become disappointed in ourselves when we break our own standards. And when we disappoint ourselves, we may be tempted to fall into self condemnation which opens the door to spirits of self-hatred, self-disapproval, self-censure, self-criticism, self-sabotage and punishment. These then birth violence, vices, isolation, contention, self harm and suicidal ideationsSelf condemnation is a great and wide door the enemy uses to gang up on us. God is not like us! We usually criticize and condemn those who misbehave, but we cannot mistake our own judgement with the way the Lord judges us.
Wrongful behavior does not mean something is wrong with us (this is bondage and causes shame); Wrongful behavior means we have done something wrong. Many people are struggling with demons they are not even aware of… fighting with giants their ancestors never killed… battling with suggestions of Satan on a daily basis, because they have not recognized the open doors in their lives because of self condemnation. We must acknowledge that we did something wrong against God, but not confuse this guilt with shame. The Lord God still loves us despite of our wrongful behavior.

In order to walk in victory:

  • we must humble ourselves before the Lord and ask him for help to not repeat the offense, because God gives GRACE to the humble (James 4:16)
  • we must acknowledge the guilt we feel, repent and confess for forgiveness because godly sorrow leads to repentance (2 Corinthians 7:10)

Remember Peter? He denied Jesus 3 times, and the Lord addressed his offense 3 times as well!

Do You Love Me? Peter, Do You Love Me? Do You Love Me, Peter? 

John 21:15

Both Peter and Jesus failed Jesus through denial and betrayal ...

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