Guilt, Shame and Regret (1)

As I ended my last post, the Bible doesn’t directly mention Guilt, shame and regret but there are various stories and consequences which do. These 3 are evident in the life of king David, Peter and Judas. We all make mistakes; its normal to feel guilty about what we’ve done or the choices we’ve made but there are differences between healthy and unhealthy guilt. 

Godly guilt is good because it leads us to repent and ask for forgiveness, but fleshly guilt causes shame and regret. Shame makes us hide and regret keeps us stuck and condemned. There’s also Imaginary guilt and true guilt, for instance: if I would’ve said something, they would still be alive, I should’ve not done that, otherwise (fill in the blank), my parents divorced because of me and other things. True guilt is more logical where we are responsible for wrongdoing, hurting someone or breaking a rule/standard.

Guilt, regret and shame are ways that Satan gets into our minds and hearts, to torment us, drift us away from God and make us physically sick. King David wrote in Psalm 32 that his bones wasted away, strength was dried up and he felt oppression! After Peter denied Jesus, he abandoned his calling to preach the gospel and went back to his former way of life (fishing) (Mark 14:66-72; John 21). And Judas committed suicide after betraying Jesus (Matthew 27:5). If we struggle with imaginary or what I call logical guilt, we must renew our minds as we also cast down imaginations which exalt themselves above the truth of God.

The truth of God is that we are forgiven by the Lord, the Lord can purify our minds from wrongdoing (Hebrews 9) and He remembers our faults NO MORE (Hebrews 8)!  

But if we confess our sins to God, he will keep his promise and do what is right: he will forgive us our sins and purify us from all our wrongdoing.
1 John 1:9

Tomorrow, I will go into the effects of shame and how to heal and overcome it!

Lord Jesus, we love you for your goodness. We do not deserve your love and forgiveness, but you chose to send your Son to make us righteous in your sight. I pray for those who may be struggling with guilt, remorse, sorrow, torment and other afflictions; may your love and forgiveness engulf them today. I ask that you reveal your truth to them and help them understand that godly guilt is not tormenting, because you are love. Thank you for working all things for our good Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

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