How to win the battle

Did you know that we have over 60 thousands thoughts per day? That’s about 3,000 thoughts per hour!

We don’t have to entertain every single thing that comes into our minds!

We have so many thoughts and not everything that we think is worth our time. Some are not even our own thoughts (even if it seems like it). We have subconscious thoughts, triggers, fears and coping mechanisms which are programmed into our deep deep thought patterns. They mostly come from childhood and others from life experiences in general.

Other thoughts that come into our minds, come from what we watch or listen. We program our subconscious mind with what we replay. Just like we can train ourbodiws to eat, work out, sing or memorize a script; we train our brains to think, and therefore behave.

Don’t pay attention to all the thoughts that come into your head; decide what to pay attention to. Guard your heart!

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