Ways to improve your emotional and mental health

Are you struggling with being positive, grateful, focused, relaxing, sleeping, dealing with problems, loving others? It doesn’t mean you are crazy, it means you are human and could use some techniques to improve the life you live.

I had a pastor once who always spoke of us being so spiritually good, that we would be no earthly good. He joked that many Christian people are so spiritual they don’t even know how to fry an egg. It always stuck with me! Often times, we can find ourselves so faith driven that we neglect the other parts of our being: our bodies and our soul. If our soul is broken or contaminated, our spiritual life and soulish life would also be affected.

Remember our soul is our intellect, emotions and our drive/intentions. Here are some techniques to improve your mental and emotional health:

  • Be positive: Purposely looks for positivity. It’s a full time job! And it pays well. When I say be positive it doesn’t mean that you wont feel negative emotions! The different maker is whether you will dwell on it or refocusing on better things.
    Avoid drama! Take a break from the news or social media.
  • Meditate: Don’t empty your mind instead focus & ponder on a word, a positive memory or interaction or a scripture. Did you know that when you are negative, you actually unknowingly meditating on the negative things happening in your life? Meditate on things/events that made you feel good emotions.
  • Gratitude: Look for things and people to be grateful for.
  • Get physical, exercise, jog, have sex (with your husband or wife lol)
  • Rest, do breathing exercises, sleep!
  • Eat healthy: lack of B12 (vitamin) is linked to clinical depression. Get the right nutrients!
  • Enjoy social interaction: God said it is not good for man to be alone- we are social creatures (even if you are an introvert).
  • Find ways to contribute to the world: your community, family, church, etc.

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