Are you a seeker?

When we don’t address our mental and emotional NEEDS, we blow through the wind doing what we can to survive. We inevitably short change ourselves by adopting self destruct behaviors by omission. We become seekers of things that do not and will not work. But how?

In attempts to level the playing field, we look for pleasure inducing activities as leverage. #solutionseeker
** If we have emotional needs, we look for emotional highs to feed the void. #addiction
*** If we have identity issues, we look for places or people to belong to. #validation
**** If we are bored, anxious or dissatisfied with life, instead of planning and setting, for example, we look to feed our voids with pleasurable or reckless behaviors.
* If we want the madness to stop, we run from issues and problems hoping they will disappear. But they don’t.

The problem with all this seeking is that our pain and/or struggles remain unaddressed and hungry as ever. Instead of seeking things and people to meet our needs, let’s trust that God will also meet our needs. The Bible says that God will provide our every need! This is not only concerning material things, like money, food, clothes or jobs and the like. The Lord is also aware and willing to meet our emotional and mental needs.

The Lord made us emotional beings, He knows our upbringing and all that we have endured in life. He knows how to mend our broken hearts and how to renew our hope. He also made us social beings, He knows our minds need stimulation, conversation and fun! The Lord will also provide us with people, experiences and creativity to meet those needs too!

May we become seekers of God.

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