What Does Your faith look like

The Bible says that Abraham’s faith made him God’s friend. That faith birth fruit, which is obedience. Remember, faith looks like something: it is accompanied by works (James 2:18).

Abraham left his fathers house to go nowhere (to the logical mind). But the Lord led his every move and checked up on him every so often. Abraham did not have an agenda, he simply moved by faith. He relied on God to lead him to the right places.

God had a plan for Abraham, but in order to move towards that plan… he needed to believe God first. If Abraham did not trust, listen and obey God… He wouldn’t have made it to Canaan. The Lord led Abraham for 100 years and fulfilled the destiny he had designed for him.

I think Abraham was not concerned about getting to a certain place or attaining certain promises: he was enjoying his journey with God every step of the way.

Are you enjoying your journey called life? Are you enjoying the relationships and experiences around you? Do you believe that God has a good plan for your life? Are you led by fear? Are you led by complacency? Would you follow God’s leading or will you stay in a place that’s familiar?

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