What Story Are You Telling Yourself

Our experiences are valid. We all struggle in some area of our lives. We have also been marked by negative experiences and positive ones. Our brains are designed to help us survive, so it collects information that can keep you from danger but also keep you from living your best life.

Please note: There is power in your story, if you can change the narrative. The scriptures say that we must renew our minds! How do I do this? You can begin to tell yourself a new story.

🍓 Your narrative:
I’m unlovable, I’m not good enough. Nobody loves me. The world sucks and I hate everyone. I want to die.

🍓 Change your narrative:
The way I was raised and the experiences I’ve had made me question myself. I am lovable: I have children, friends, relatives, pets and coworkers who care about me. And by the mercy of God I’m still in this world which has it’s good and bad days. It means I have a purpose so I’m going to find it.

It’s all about the story you are telling yourself. Your body reacts to the energy you feed it. If you wallowing in a rollercoaster right emotions, you will feel anxiety. If you are neck deep in sad thoughts, your brain will develop chemicals to approve of those messages. If you tend to complain, you will attract experiences that prove you are right!

You can do the work, you and God are the majority. You are the manager of your life.

Be renewed in the spirit of your mind; Ephesians 4:23

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