The Truth about Trauma

Trauma can get trapped in the body. Trauma is the occurrence of something beyond our control, that has a negative impact in our psyche. Unhealed trauma can affect our brain and lives in many ways; unfortunately it will not disappear on its own.

After a traumatic event, it is important to work on the necessary healing from traumatic experience. Trauma can look as devastating as being involved in a car accident, raped or being yelled at (very wide spectrum). But before we can heal, we need to address the root of why we may possibly act or feel the way we do. So, here are 5 ways unhealed trauma affects us.

  • Violence and aggression towards others and/or ourselves.
  • PTSD stress and frightened when not in danger, nightmares flashbacks, emotional numbness.
  • Self-medication to cope: pills, inhalants, sex, drugs or alcohol
  • Emotional reactivity: Intense ups and downs; reactivity, anxiety, shut downs.
  • Physical health impairments: overeating, anorexia, bulimia, but most seen are over inflammation and imbalanced adrenal productional (sex, fertility, virility and stress hormones).
  • Nervous system: avoid or flight mindset: panic, offense, hyperventilating, mind blockage: survival mode, focus on what could go wrong.
  • Exhaustion: from living on high alert and eventually, burn out.
  • Victimization: self-pitying or self-victimizing self, vulnerable to abusers.

How do we heal?

Love on yourself as you would a friend: Self-compassion and patience to move through pain by not locking up in the pain you feel. Nervous system comes with senses and emotions!

Create safe spaces for yourself: loving relationships, professional help (therapists, mentors or counselor) and reserve quality time to spend alone.

Ways to calm your nervous system: sing, exercise, stretch, take a hot shower or bath, clean, meditate to focus on your body (look for tension and regulate your breathing), do breathing exercises, rocking or swaying (like babies when they self soothe), laying down and rubbing forehead (I do).

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. 1Peter 5:7

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