The Spirit of Rejection

There’s a difference in feeling rejected and having a spirit of rejection.

A spirit of rejection comes into our hearts when we take things personal and dwell on them. The mind is set to protect itself so it creates paradigms and thoughts which feed that thought pattern. Satan sends darts into our minds to convince us that we are not worthy of love and it’s the reason we are rejected. The spirit of rejection cause us to walk in certain ways to validate our emotions and experience.

A spirit of rejection is when rejection controls you and your life. For instance, in attempt to level the feelings of rejection, the spirit of rejection causes people to: seek approval, people pleasing, avoid intimacy, reject or hate yourself before others do, reject people before they reject you, lack of commitment and intimacy, anger, hostility and aggression, hopelessness, physical ailments, higher mortality rate, purposelessness, defensive personality and many other things.

You may ask, where does it come from?
Rejection can start from the womb by being an unwanted child, like unwanted pregnancy, consideration of abortion or desiring a boy/girl and “getting what you did not want”. From relationships which disapprove, neglect, dismiss, exclude or compare us. Being in relationships which require you to meet their demands otherwise show contempt for us. When we experience negative criticism, belittling, comparison, divorce, abuse, abandonment or betrayal (slander, gossip, hypocrisy ). And also from environmental circumstances cause us to feel rejected ( being fired, excommunicated, expelled, not being accepted for school or employment, having to meet someone elses standard within a community or organization and more).

How to overcome rejection:
1. Base your life on the love of God. People’s actions is not a reflection of how God feels about you! God will never reject us, He will never leave us physically or emotionally. Even when it seems that God doesn’t answer our prayers, He still loves us. Remember when Jesus prayed for the Lord to spare the cross? Technically, God did not answer His prayer: Jesus still gave His life for ya on the cross.

2. Focus on your call: Jesus was rejected by people and fulfilled His call despite of it. He didn’t change the way he treated people because they rejected Him, neither did it affect His closeness with God.

3. Counterattack: It’s very important to renew our minds concerning the unique and abundant love that God has for us individually. Use the scriptures to fight Satan’s fiery darts. Meditate on those scriptures, do not meditate on the hurts!

4. Pray: humble yourself I’m prayer. Give God your pain and ask Him for healing and transformation.

For the sake of his great namethe Lord will not reject his people, because the Lord was pleased to make you his own. 1 Samuel 12:22

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